Chicken’s in the Microwave, Beer’s in the Freezer

24 10 2008

No, it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds.  The microwave is a nice, compact, heat-retaining place to keep things warm.  Like the roast chicken I just bought down at the butcher.  (It was the last one of the night!  Lucky me!)  And the fridge/freezer still isn’t working properly, so the freezer is the place to put things you want to keep really cold.

Well, it’s Friday once again, and I wanted to find some awesome YouTube video that perfectly sums up my week (haven’t found it yet) or make a nifty food-related playlist for you all to enjoy over the weekend.  However, I am supposed to be hard at work writing recipes and editing photos for a monster post scheduled for Monday.  (Oh, it’s going to be good, believe me.)  But instead I am going to leave you with this little game, only food related in its title, but just as addictive as wasabi peas.


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