Two Awards and a Tag

25 09 2008

I’ve got a bit of a backlog going on these days – so many eating adventures, so little time to write them all down!  I also seem to be hoarding tags, so today I’m going to take care of all of them in one fell swoop.

First off, about a week and a half ago, I was awarded the Brillante Weblog Award by Hope from Hopie’s Kitchen.

Thanks, Hope!

The rules for accepting this award seem to be nonexistent, but I’m going to follow Hope’s lead and award it to one old favorite and one new favorite blog.

The old favorite: Coffee Helps.  I am still loving every minute of the intrepid Hails’ travel escapades.

The new favorite: The Zest.  Trisha is an adventurous home cook with a penchant for fresh veggies, healthy recipes, and replicating decadent bakery desserts at home.

Moving on, Gloria at Cookbook Cuisine has bestowed upon me the I’m a Chocoholic Award.

Thanks, Gloria!

Instead of following protocol and awarding it to everyone who has left a comment (that would be a lot of people, and besides, a lot of my readers don’t have blogs) I’m going to pass it on in the form of links to two of the very best chocolate makers out there.

DeVries Chocolate, whose tagline is “100 years behind the times,” is run by Steve DeVriesin Colorado.  He spends several months a year traveling to cacao plantations in Central and South America and getting involved in the harvesting, fermenting, and roasting of the cacao beans for his chocolate.  The only thing he adds to the finished chocolate is a little bit of unrefined sugar, which results in an extremely unique molasses-y flavor complementing some of the richest, darkest chocolate you’ve ever tasted.

Patric Chocolate, based in Missouri, is the brainchild of one Alan McClure, whose chocolate obsession runs every bit as deep as DeVries’.  His single-origin, micro-batch chocolates are intended to be works of art and to be appreciated as one would a fine wine or Scotch.  I have not had the pleasure of actually tasting any Patric chocolate yet, but I have heard good things from some very reliable sources.

Also, look what I made this week!

They're filled with passionfruit ganache.  Not bad for my first ever attempt at molded chocolates!

* * *

And now for the tag.  I just got tagged with this quick, fun exercise this afternoon by Hope.  (Watch out, the link is in French!)  The rules are as follows: Il faut évoquer ici un livre que l’on a à portée de main, l’ouvrir à la page 123, trouver la cinquième phrase et citer les trois suivantes.  That is to say: Pick up a book, open it to page 123, find the fifth sentence and quote the following three.

Since I am a bit of a bookworm, I am going to do this with the two food-related books I am reading at the moment, one in French and one in English.

D’abord, Chocolat & Zucchini de Clotilde Dusoulier:

Épluchez le céleri-rave, coupez-le en six morceaux et râpez-les comme pour faire des carottes râpées.  (Ne laissez pas le céleri râpé reposer trop longtemps à l’air libre pour éviter qu’il s’oxyde.)  Mettez le céleri, le yaourt, la moutarde, le jus de citron, l’ail et l’aneth dans un grand saladier.  Salez, poivrez et mélangez le tout à la fourchette.

Next, Hungry for Paris by Alexander Lobrano: (Of which page 123 is mostly a picture, so I have quoted its entirety.)

Observing the culinary waltz here is, in fact, easily as much of a reward as the food you’ll find on your plate, although what it serves is perfectly respectable vielle France comfort food.  Or food you eat because you’re hungry.  Or not.  One way or another, it’s not food that’s meant to create a fuss.

Now I’m going to tag Andrea at Cooking Books, Dish at Hooked in Amsterdam, and Nererue at Lady Disdain.

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4 responses

25 09 2008

Camille, you’ve made my day. Thank you! Your blog is a new favorite read of mine, too, I must say. And thank you for allowing me to practice my French today (mais, qu’est-ce que c’est, l’aneth? Je dois chercher mon dictionnaire…

26 09 2008

As I scrolled down little by little your amazing chocolate photo was like an optic illusion. It seemed to get bigger and closer! Also yummier, did I mention yummier?

26 09 2008

Aw, thanks Camille! 🙂 You’ve made me happy. And also, I had to do the slow scrolling thing when I read Hopie’s comment, and am now – in my tired state – slightly hypnotized. Need chocolate… chocolate…

26 09 2008

Trisha – You’re very welcome! Et l’aneth, en anglais, c’est dill.

Hopie and Hails – Then it worked. Excellent…

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