I’m Not Stalking David Lebovitz…

29 08 2008

…But I did have the pleasure of meeting him last Friday at Grom, an awesome Italian gelateria which has just opened its doors in Paris.  He was very kind and let me jump into his conversation with Guido, the guy running the show.  Guido was extremely enthusiastic about his ingredients and products, which is great to see and even better to experience.  (It doesn’t hurt that he’s an attractive Italian man.)  He gave us tastes of several different gelati, including his amazing gianduja made with dark chocolate and crunchy bits of hazelnut – fresh out of the ice cream machine!  Just about everything I tried there was fantastic, from the cornmeal cookies that go into their very unique “cookies and cream” gelato, to the nearly sorbet-like coffee gelato made with Italian roast coffee (sorry, France, sometimes your coffee isn’t up to snuff).  If there’s a Grom in your town, I highly recommend it.

Rhubarb and Reine Claude plums

Anyway, the reason I feel compelled to insist that I’m not a stalker is because I’ve been making a lot of David Lebovitz’ recipes lately.  First there was the individual chocolate cakes.  Then, on his recommendation, I bought some Reine Claude plums.  Following that, on a weekend trip to Orléans, I had a delicious jam made from rhubarb and Reine Claudes.  I wanted to try to recreate it at home, but I have no idea how to make jam.  So who do I turn to?  David Lebovitz, of course!  Following his guidelines, I produced a ridiculous amount of jam.  (I think I mentioned the jam when I was making it, and busy writing about Bulgaria.)

Future Jam

Leaving me with the challenge of finding something to do with all that tasty homemade jam.  Luckily, I had been eyeing a recipe for a jam tart with a cornmeal crust, written by you-know-who.

The finished jam tart

Mine didn’t come out as pretty as his did, but the flavor was excellent.  The slight crunch of the cornmeal in the crust makes for a nice contrast with the gooey jam.  Thanks, David!  I must also admit that his recent posts on hamburgers have given me the craving, too.  So today I made brioche buns, Nick’s making potato salad, and we’re having good, old-fashioned burgers.  And onion dip.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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29 08 2008

I have made that tart three times in the last week! It’ll be another standard for me, along with DL’s chocolate caramel matzo thing that is so good and so, so easy. And, all of the ingredients are always on hand! (Unless, of course, you’ve made it three times in a week and are now out of butter, eggs, and flour.) I’m not as big a fan of the cornmeal in the crust, but I’ve made it twice with, and they turned out perfectly. The two times that I’ve gone all flour, the results weren’t so good – the top never really baked up. Off to Costco now for more 32 oz jars or seedless marionberry jam!

30 08 2008

Yeah, it’s a winner. And I love me some marionberries – ah, to be in the Pacific NW in August…

30 08 2008

I can’t believe you met him! How crazy. Although considering all that stalking you’ve been doing it was about time! Hehe 😉

That jam tart looks amazing. I’ll have to check out that recipe.

31 08 2008

I have never really looked at any of his recipes…and now knowing that you are a fan, perhaps I should check him out!
thanks for the heads up! I have seen him on the telly, but never really paid too much attention.
Awesome that you’ve met him!!!
Have a GREAT Labor Day!

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