La Marquisette

4 08 2008

Yesterday Nick and I ventured all the way over to the 17th arrondissement to visit an artist friend of ours in his apartment/studio.  (It feels like such a cliché to be hanging out with the painter who used to live downstairs from our Parisian apartment, but at the same time, very cool.)  Since we were going to be in an as-yet-unexplored  neighborhood, we decided to have a little wander around and stopped for refreshment at La Marquisette.

La Marquisette

It wasn’t exactly a hot or sunny afternoon, but the promise of caramel au beurre salé (salted butter caramel) gelato was too tempting to pass up.  We each ended up getting a two-flavor cup, Nick’s with caramel and stracciatella, and mine with caramel and Bulgarian yogurt.

Sweet, delicious, handmade gelato

The caramel halves even got an extra drizzle of buttery caramel sauce.  The gelato itself was excellent – creamy with a good sweet-salty balance, deep caramel flavor, and the unmistakable mouthfeel of good handmade caramel sauce.  As for the other flavors, the Bulgarian yogurt was delightfully tangy and made a great foil to the rich caramel nestled up next to it.  The stracciatella (Italian-style chocolate chip made by drizzling melted chocolate into churned ice cream) had a sweet, creamy flavor with minimal vanilla so as not to detract from the quality of the cream and the tasty chocolate bits.  (None of that waxy, stick-in-your-teeth “chocolatey” garbage here!)

Another point in La Marquisette’s favor: unlike certain other Parisian glaceries who shall remain nameless, they close from November to February, when it makes sense for an ice cream place to be closed.  And they’re open all summer, except Mondays.  Hooray!

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