Du Pain et des Idées

25 07 2008

A few weeks ago, at the fête de la cour, one of our neighbors directed us to check out a boulangerie about 5 minutes away.  I finally got around to it last week, and my life will never be the same. 

Du Pain et des Idées is, as the neighbor said, not too far from my apartment (although I pass at least 4 other bakeries on the way there).  The charming storefront is situated at the end of a cute little street just off the Canal St. Martin. 

My new favorite boulangerie

It is owned and run by Christophe Vasseur, a former fashion salesman who, in his forties, decided to scrap it all and learn the art of baking bread.  And I’m glad he did, because he makes some of the best bread in town.  So far I’ve brought home the flute à l’ancienne, a long, thin bread (as the name implies), and the pain des amis, a large, flattish bread sold in hunks of 250 or 500 grams.  Both are superior in flavor to just about any bread I’ve had so far in Paris.  They have gorgeously crispy crusts that make me extremely happy to finally have a proper bread knife.

But neither of these is the reason I’ve been back three times in a week.  No, my new obsession is this:

So many flavors, so little time...

These little rolls are the greatest thing since, well, sliced bread.  Just imagine, fist-sized, fresh baked bread with a host of sweet and savory fillings.  I have taken to stopping by on the way home from work and grabbing one for a late lunch.  So far my favorite is the tomato confit and feta one, but the still-warm spinach and goat cheese wasn’t half bad!  There’s a honey-sesame one I’m dying to try, and there always seems to be something new.  I could probably eat one every day and never get tired of them.  My only question is: Why doesn’t every bakery in Paris… no, France… no, the WORLD, make these?




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25 07 2008

I fell in love with these yesterday.
However, if you plan on going back for more, you won’t be able to for the next month or so. They close today for their vacation and I’m not sure when they open again.

26 07 2008

Hi just found you over on Chez Loulou…wow that boulangerie looks great..and the bread sounds and looks yummy!!

26 07 2008

Alie – Say it ain’t so!

Anne – Welcome!

26 07 2008

Wonderful post…and BEAUTIFUL pics of yummy yummy bread.
I tell people about the boulangeries in Paris (or in France for that matter) and unless you’ve spent time there you just don’t know.
MMmmm…I can smell it.

27 07 2008

You’re welcome!

27 07 2008

When will the guest room be ready? We’re coming to visit! Yummmmmy!!

28 07 2008

It is 😦 i’m just down the street form them on Yves Toudic and they’ve been closed since friday. They are on holiday, and i’m not sure when they re-open.
I have a few ‘bricks’ as they are called hiding in my fridge tho 😀

28 07 2008

Dish – Looks like you’ll have to wait until September!

Alie – That’s a bummer, all right, but it will probably only be a few weeks…

30 07 2008
Betty C.


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