A Cat’s Gotta Eat

3 06 2008

I am kind of in awe of the gourmet offerings available to cats in France.

Look at that variety!

These, for example, came in a typical variety pack at the corner grocery store.  Rabbit and Duck are two things that you definitely don’t see on the cat food menu back home.

Apparently this is not enough for our cat, Snoopy.  She wants it all: warm meat, a good workout, and a little excitement with her meal.  So last Friday, she caught a bird up on the roof and thoughtfully brought it inside to play.

...And, they\'re off!

Taking a break

Back at it

It went on like this for a couple of hours, during which the bird was literally scared shitless (pardon my French – ha ha)… on the curtains.  Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the bedroom, I sat down on the bed and was horrified when I heard the flapping of wings coming from the pillow I had picked up.  Naturally I threw it across the room, stunning the bird against the window.  I opened the window for the stupid thing to escape, but to no avail.  Eventually it managed to leave through the skylight, much to Snoopy’s dismay.

I hope not to see too many repeats of this scenario. 



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4 06 2008

I was wondering if Snoopy was privy to the streets (and rooftops, as it were) of Paris! Glad to hear she’s making friends in the new neighborhood.

4 06 2008

Veal? Rabbit? Duck? Cats over there have no idea how good they have it…

Snoopy is AWESOME.

4 06 2008

Snoopy says:

@ Kiran – I love going up on the roof to watch the Eiffel tower sparkle at night.

@ K – Thank you. I know.

4 06 2008
Betty C.

This is kind of a tacky comparison, but it reminds me of some of the wonderful baby food that was available when my kids were tiny. I can only imagine what choices young moms have now!

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