California Green Curry

23 05 2008

Last January, before we left the U.S. for France, Nick and I did a “Farewell Tour” of the West coast, visiting friends and family in what was essentially a month-long road trip.  (Nothing like spending a month in a car with someone and then moving into a tiny Parisian apartment!)  On our night in San Diego, our friends took us to a little hole-in-the-wall Thai place in Pacific Beach.  The food was great, but one dish stood out: the green curry with avocado.  Now, I highly doubt that avocado is a traditional Thai ingredient (correct me if I’m wrong), but given the avocado’s popularity in Southern California, they incorporated it into their menu.  And with excellent results.  The creaminess of the avocado worked really well with the heat of the chilies and the sweetness of the coconut milk.  The idea stuck with me, so when I found some Thai green curry paste a few weeks ago, I vowed to give it a shot.  (For some reason, avocados are exceptionally cheap here.  I don’t know why.  But when I can buy 6 avocados for 2 euros, I don’t ask questions.)

At any rate, the other day I realized that I had both avocados and green curry paste in my kitchen.  It’s go time.  I procured chicken, coconut milk, mint, and cilantro, and while I was at the Asian market I found these awesome long beans.

Thai long beans

They were labeled “Thai long beans.”  How, or if, they are different from Chinese long beans I don’t know.  The one time I have tasted Chinese long beans, I found them to be slightly bitter in flavor.  These had a pleasant vegetal aroma and a flavor that bordered on grassy.  Close enough to regular green beans so as to be accessible, but different enough to feel mildly exotic.  Anyway, I wanted them in the curry too, so I cut them into bite-size lengths and sautéed them in peanut oil over high heat.  When they had formed a few brown spots, I removed them to a bowl and added coconut milk and green curry paste to the hot pan.  I whisked these together and seasoned the mixture with fish sauce and sugar.

Not-so-long beans

Once the mixture had thickened a bit, I stirred in thinly sliced chicken breast.  I let this simmer until the chicken was done, then I returned the beans to the pan along with thick slices of avocado.  When everything was warmed through I turned off the heat and added copious amounts of cilantro and mint leaves.  I adjusted the seasoning with lime juice, and served my California curry over brown rice.  Just the way the hippies like it!

Green Curry with Chicken, Long Beans, and Avocado




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23 05 2008

I’ve been so busy with moving and all, and not keeping up with my usual blog reading, but I have to say, there have been some crazy yummy-looking things going on in your kitchen recently! The idea of adding avocado to green curry is inspired! Was it as good as you remembered it?

Also, your chocolate cake looks delicious. I haven’t had that in a while either. My favorite recipe is an “old-fashioned” chocolate cake that comes out of the Hershey’s cookbook — but made with good quality chocolate (I guess that’s cheating, but I think cheating is allowed in the kitchen, no?).

25 05 2008

Maybe better. And I don’t think it’s cheating if you’re upgrading. 🙂

19 06 2008

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Swirl.

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