Not that I am Obsessed with Tea…

9 05 2008

Brewing sun tea, up close

…But it’s that time of year again, folks!  I mean, of course, time for sun tea!  I got this cool Bodum iced tea pitcher that allows you to brew loose tea and then remove it via a slide-out basket mechanism.  What will those Danes think of next?  For its maiden voyage, I put in a couple coffee-scoops (you know, the ones that come with the French press) of China Gunpowder green tea and two sachets of Hibiscus-Rosehip tisane.  I placed the pitcher in a patch of the glorious afternoon sunlight we get in our apartment, snapped a few photos, and went out to run errands.

Sun Tea, before

When I came back a few hours later, a pitcher of refreshing, golden tea was waiting for me!

Sun tea, after

Looks (and tastes) like I used a little too much tea.  I’ll remember that for next time.  The removable tea basket was actually really easy to clean, so I’m sure I’ll be making a lot of sun tea this summer!




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9 05 2008

What a great idea! I have never seen these sun/iced tea pitchers before. The removable tea basket actually steals the show.

Where did you find this wonderful tea accessory?

9 05 2008

seriously, where did you find this thing? do you think i could convert my old brita filter/pitcher to something like it? (now that we’re in oregon, the tap water is delicious)…

9 05 2008

I got it at a department store in Paris. I’m sure it can be found at any Bodum store or retailer.

I think converting your Brita is a great idea! I would just attach a mesh filter or strainer to the opening. If it’s not clear, you could probably still use it to brew tea by pouring hot water through it and then filling it up with ice…

9 05 2008

Brilliant! With the lack of sun here, I may need a little extra help in the brewing department…

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