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6 05 2008

You may have noticed some new buttons in my blogroll: The Foodie Blogroll and the Great Cooks Blogroll.  In addition to being forums for food bloggers to connect and network, they are also a good way to find new food blogs (read: more stuff to add to the Google reader*).  So just in case you ever find yourself with loads of spare time, hop over to one of these and prepare to spend a couple of hours perusing the offerings.

I’m hoping to get something with pictures up later today… we found some more administrative hoops to jump through, so I have to make a second (unplanned) trip to the Préfecture this afternoon, after spending a good portion of my morning there already.  Love that French bureaucracy!

*Yes, for those of you who are interested, I finally caved and set it up yesterday.




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6 05 2008

Sorry to hear the administration is getting you down. I totally empathize and have made more trips than I’d like to count to the Préfecture, and other admin centers for foreigners in Paris! Good luck with all that.

7 05 2008

It was no biggie, more of a hassle than anything. They sure do love their paperwork over here! (Although I’ve never immigrated to the US, so I really have no idea. It’s probably about the same.)

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