An Oasis for Tea

6 05 2008

After visiting the Préfecture twice in one day, I needed a break.  Nick wanted to check out a Roman amphitheater in the 5th arrondissement, so we Velib’ed over there.  The weather was absolutely perfect for a bike ride.  After sunning ourselves in the amphitheater for a bit, Nick remembered a tea salon he had visited, with an idyllic-sounding patio and mint tea.  Now, I am weird about mint in my tea.  I adore it in iced tea, but can’t stand it in hot tea.  The discord between the cooling flavor of the mint and the heat of the tea bring about some kind of Sartrian nausea.  Somehow, Nick managed to convince me to wander around the 5th until we found this tea place.  After a few wrong turns, we found it, just as he had described:


A big iron gate leading into a large tiled patio filled with greenery and birds.

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Food Blogging Communities

6 05 2008

You may have noticed some new buttons in my blogroll: The Foodie Blogroll and the Great Cooks Blogroll.  In addition to being forums for food bloggers to connect and network, they are also a good way to find new food blogs (read: more stuff to add to the Google reader*).  So just in case you ever find yourself with loads of spare time, hop over to one of these and prepare to spend a couple of hours perusing the offerings.

I’m hoping to get something with pictures up later today… we found some more administrative hoops to jump through, so I have to make a second (unplanned) trip to the Préfecture this afternoon, after spending a good portion of my morning there already.  Love that French bureaucracy!

*Yes, for those of you who are interested, I finally caved and set it up yesterday.

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