Freshest Fish in Town

22 02 2008

Today is Friday, and since it’s Lent, that means no meat.  What at first appears to be horribly limiting to the diet turns out to be a great excuse to eat seafood.  On one of my many previous ganders through the Asian markets, I had noticed one that appeared to have live fish, so I went back for a closer look.

Live fish

I apologize for the photo quality – the glass on the tank was a little cloudy, and Asian markets aren’t exactly known for their lighting.  And this big guy wouldn’t sit still for a photo:

Bigger live fish

For the record, the fish in the first tank were about 8 inches long, I guess, and the fish in the second tank had to be at least 18 inches in length.

Despite having the option to bring home a live fish, I ended up choosing a lovely salmon fillet.  The idea of gutting a fish in my tiny kitchen with only a cleaver and a paring knife to get the job done did not appeal – although I bet the cat would have appreciated the trimmings.  Plus, wandering around the Asian market, I developed a hankering for teriyaki and I couldn’t get the picture of a beautifully glazed salmon fillet out of my head.

A knob of ginger, a liter of soy sauce, a bottle of sesame oil, and a kilo of baby bok choy later, I was out the door, ready for some homemade teriyaki goodness.


Teriyaki Salmon

And here we have the final result.  Pan-seared salmon glazed in homemade teriyaki sauce with sautéed baby bok choy and brown rice.  Healthy and delicious.



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