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20 02 2008

Today being rather gray and dreary, it seems a good day for some leftover soup.  I realize this doesn’t make for very exciting reading, so I’ll write about when it was originally made, on Sunday.

I was sick and bedridden most of the weekend, and feeling downright awful.  Nick, wonderful husband that he is, decided to make me some chicken soup.  As I had previously lamented the lack of canned or boxed chicken broth in this country (seriously, all they have is bouillon powder!), Nick set out to make it all from scratch.  So he went down to the market, which is in full swing on Sunday mornings, and picked up a chicken, mirepoix vegetables, and fresh herbs.

Less than 3 euro worth of veggies!

This picture was actually taken after the stock had already been started.  That is to say, all this (and then some) cost less than 3 euro!  And yes, those are fresh bay leaves.  And yes, the thyme does still have roots on it.

Anyway, Nick got a stock simmering with all you see above, plus a whole chicken, minus feet and head.  (He regrets not photographing it before throwing it in the pot, as it was quite lovely and air-dried.)  He seasoned it with a little salt, whole peppercorns, and whole cloves, then sat down to watch a movie with me while it cooked. 

Chicken stock on the stove

After a few hours, Nick strained the stock into a new pot.  He then diced up a fresh set of vegetables, shredded the chicken meat, and added them back to the soup along with some pasta.  A little more simmering and adjustment of the seasoning, and we were good to go!

Chicken Soup

Monday morning I felt much better.




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20 02 2008

nick is such the sweetheart.

22 02 2008

almost worth feeling ill

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