Cuban stuff is legal here…

19 02 2008

Not that I am taking advantage of that particular facet of non-US life today.  However, I read that Fidel Castro has finally stepped down (or agreed to step down sometime soon, or something like that – you try reading the news in French sometime).  Anyway, in honor of this event, and the leftover black beans in the fridge, I decided to make tonight’s dinner in a Cuban vein.

While there are no Cuban-specific shops in my neighborhood, there are copious Asian markets which are a goldmine for oddball ingredients.  Nick found peanut butter at one on Sunday – a rarity in this country.  So I went to a nearby Asian market and found these:

Piments Antillais

I think they’re habaneros.  But just look at all those colors!  Obviously, I bought them.  I also picked up an orange, some onions (1 euro/kilo!), garlic, and rice.  Next I went across the street to one of the myriad butchers.  My neighborhood used to be the home of all the slaughterhouses in Paris, as far as I can tell.  Now there are just lots and lots of butchers.  Confronted with a case full of different cuts of meat, erratically labeled at best, I told the butcher I was looking for some pork to braise, and took whatever he recommended.

Once home, I cut the meat into cubes (having learned from last night’s boeuf bourgignon debacle – but that’s another story) and browned it in olive oil.  Three small onions, julienne, went in next to pick up the fond.  I let them start to caramelize, then added two diced tomatoes and some sliced garlic.  Then I went for the peppers.  I chose the mottled orange one and cut off the top.  I can already tell it’s got some heat to it.  (Note to self – don’t touch eyes!)  I mince it and into the pot it goes, followed by the juice of one orange, one lemon, and one lime.  Season the whole mess with salt, pepper, and cumin, add the pork back to the pot, cover, and go write blog.




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20 02 2008

Welcome to the blogosphere! 🙂
My stomach is growling already!

20 02 2008
Uncle Bob

Sounds good Camille,

You certainly have a talant that I can envy. I’ll be watching what you and Nick are eating.


20 02 2008

They look like Scotch Bonnets–a varietal in the same species as Habanero (i.e., Capsicum chinense). Good thing you didn’t touch your eyes!

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